Welcome 2023 Sondheim OLD Foals!

So far this year, Sondheim OLD has had two fillies born – the first is co – owned by Hilda Gurney and Carrie Treadway. The mare is a horse that Sheryl Stein imported as a 4 yr. old from the German Oldenburger Elite Auktion, and showed quite successfully in lower level dressage. Unfortunately the mare had to be retired from showing, and eventually found her way to Carrie Treadway.

This filly is Sondheim OLD – Wolkentanz ll.

The second filly is bred and owned by Bonnie Vezain. Bonnie purchased this breeding through the GOV Stallion Service Auction last year, and this filly was just recently born!

Congratulations to all owners, and we look forward to seeing these foals end up in the show arena!!!